With a certain amount of energy, focus, and curiosity, self-employment and entrepreneurship are increasingly viable career paths for more people than ever before.

However, for all the tools, courses, and other resources out there, it can be challenging to dive in to start something new, or to work on something as deeply personal and meaningful as a business. Even if you have a lot of knowledge, it is still tricky to put all of the pieces together in a way that makes sense.

A lot of coaches like to sell their perfect and somewhat magical formulas for business success; if you see promises of six figures in days, run!

I don’t do that.

There are processes and systems that tend to work, but there is no one formula and no one sure path to success. I can help you go through your options and decide what is best for your business – not the business down the road. Entrepreneurship has a steep and often fun learning curve. I can help shorten that curve and help you take your business where you want it.

Bright Ideas for Business

Brainstorming sessions are pure fun. We sit down together and after talking about your business and your goals, we brainstorm and throw together all kinds of different ideas. This could include anything from exploring business partnerships and collaborations, to events or promotional activities, or different ways to reach customers.

Leave this 90-minute session excited, recharged, and with plenty of ideas for things to try out.

Skills Coaching: Pricing Strategies for Small Business

Setting prices can be incredibly challenging and there are lots of different approaches you can take. It can also be daunting, especially when you aren’t quite sure what you should be charging or if you are due for rate increases.

Is pricing part of your financial strategy, your marketing strategy, or both? How heavily should your cost analysis factor in? What about special promotions or friends and family rates? How can you make your pricing reflect both the caliber of your work and your overall value? How do you effectively integrate sales and pricing?

If setting or raising your prices makes you cringe; if you aren’t really sure how much you should be selling at what price points to reach a certain goal (and whether that number is even remotely realistic!); or if you want to feel confident in your pricing and its role in your business; or if anything here resonates with you- this option might be good for you to work on.

Skills Coaching: Business Promotion Through Events

Attending and speaking at the right events is a fantastic way to build your client base and brand awareness. Whether you are giving a workshop or setting up a booth at a trade show, conference, or local event, it can be both fun and rewarding. It can also be an expensive waste of time, money, and energy, since travel budgets tend to be limited to keynote speakers.

I can help you work through which events – and kinds of events – will be most productive for your business based on where you are and your business goals. Depending on your needs, we might go through the conference presentation/workshop proposal writing process. We might go through creating and practicing that talk, complete with presentation design (which is- bonus!- now in your repertoire for future events. If it makes sense to have a booth, we can look at the materials and messaging you want to use so that you get a reasonable return on that investment.

I am a total introvert and love working conferences; done right, you can get such phenomenal feedback and build your professional credibility. I have also been on the other side, running conferences and events. Seeing what is behind the wizard’s curtain is fun, and I’m happy to share that experience with you.

Skills Coaching: Negotiation Theory & Practice for Women in Small Business

We often tie ourselves into knots over negotiating. Should we or shouldn’t we? Is it too aggressive? Is it something we don’t think we are good at doing? Is it a conversation or a competition? What can you afford to offer and what can you choose to concede?

I have some good news for you. If you look at the research, statistically, women often outperform men in certain kinds of negotiations, particularly when women are negotiating on behalf of someone else. The flip side is that we need to be careful in our personal negotiations, since women in the US tend to be perceived as being less friendly and more aggressively unpleasant when we negotiate for ourselves.

There are a lot of great resources out there on how to negotiate, but there is no substitute for actually practicing. Rather than waiting for the next situation with high stakes, such as a crucial salary negotiation or a partnership for your business, you need to understand some of the fundamentals and practice them. Negotiations are a conversation or a series of conversations. And while the deck is stacked against women negotiating for themselves, there are tactics you can use to offset that bias.

What Map Are You On? Business Strategy & Assessment

This is where you step back and take a hard look at how you and your business are really doing.

Whether you are breaking even is the first question, but while that is an important (and binary) measure of success, it is only one thing that you need to consider. This is not for the faint of heart. We will work through a comprehensive business overview, look at your current client base and growth potential within that market, explore whether you are working with and effectively reaching your ideal clients (and whether your original ideal client is still your ideal client!), how the market and competition have changed since you set up shop, and more.

It is a process. At the end, you will better understand where your business stands. You will have the information to continue moving forward in a direction you are confident you want to go. You will know your immediate next steps. And you will know how to find and use the resources you need.

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